Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture; it is basically the science of architecture. Vastu is based on beliefs of Hindus and Buddhist. And it ensures happiness, well-being and prosperity of all the residents, it is important to build a house as per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra tips for home.

One should not ignore the aspect of Vastu Shastra while buying a home, otherwise, you will end up spending all your hard earned money on the things that are not required in the house. And for that you do not need to be a Vastu expert as here in this article we will be telling you Top 8 Vastu Shastra tips to keep in Mind before Buying a Home. Here, have a look!

1) Kitchen

The kitchen is the second cleanest and purest part of your home. It should ideally be in a south-east direction. The south-east direction is called aagneya direction as it is governed by fire element. One should definitely buy a flat which has a kitchen in the north-east direction, as it is the direction where the sun rises and thus, it is appropriate for living room or a meditation room.

A kitchen needs to be in perfect balanced direction because the two opposite force of nature, fire and water, exist here. Thus, it is very important to place sink and stove in a position that they do not collide, place them as far as possible. Also, make sure bedrooms are not over a kitchen and it must not be attached to the bathrooms over a dining area or kitchen.

Vastu shastra tips

2) Ventilation and sunlight

Ventilation and sunlight hold a great importance in Vastu Shastra. You have to be sure that there is sufficient sunlight coming into your house and have good cross ventilation. The ideal direction for a flat with windows and balconies in North or East facing. The first ray of the sun that comes in your home in the morning are the ones with most positive vibes and is rich in ultraviolet rays. Also, sunlight helps and kills unwanted germs in your home. But, the afternoon sun rays are very harmful to health. So, try and keep the windows shut during the afternoon. Also, having windows in south or west direction is not recommended according to Vastu Shastra tips for home.

Vastu shastra tips

3) Entrance

The entrance of your home is very important. And if you are buying a flat in the building then the entrance of your flat will be considered as the entrance to your home. South or West directional entrances are not recommended according to Vastu Shastra.

North:- The reason to have an entrance in north direction is it allows morning sun, fresh light and air to enter the home from East direction

South:- If you want to have an entrance in the South direction, then make sure to locate doors towards South-East is very auspicious; but avoid having the door at the centre or South-West portion of the wall.

East:- According to vastu locating the entrance door in North-East direction is better than exact east direction.

West:- North-West wall is more suitable for main entrance

4) Water Storage

The water storage should be placed in the north-east corner of the house. The north-east direction is the area that gets the first sun rays in the morning, and the early morning rays are pretty beneficial as they keep water pure with ultraviolet rays. Also, make sure you don’t store water in a plastic tank, but if you want to use a plastic storage, then it should be preferably of some dark colour like black or dark blue.

Vastu shastra tips

5) Toilets and bathrooms

If the toilet and bathroom are not placed according to Vastu, then it can attract many problems like

Financial Issues: Weak finances, loss of money.

Health Issues: Mental tension and stress, accidents.

Toilets and bathrooms in each flat must be built in the south-west corner or in south direction. Wind direction in India all the year round is north-east to south-west. If a toilet is placed in north-east the wind will enter the room passing through the toilet. This will contaminate the air in the rooms.

Vastu shastra tips

6) Staircase

According to Vastu Shastra tips, a staircase should not be built in the North-East direction. Building staircase in the North-east direction will block the morning sun rays. And the internal staircase should not be placed in the centre as it will ruin the beauty of the living room and will also make it look congested.

Vastu shastra tips

7) Kid’s room

The ideal place for kid’s room is the north-east or north-west directional part of the house. And the window of the Kid’s room should open to the North because it would prevent the room from direct harmful rays of the sun.

Vastu shastra tips

8) Vastu for the entire block

The open spaces like playground or gardens should be in the north or east direction of the building or block. And the most important thing to keep in mind is not to paint the walls of your apartment with dark blue, red or black colour, as they absorb heat and makes it difficult to keep the house cool in summers.

Vastu shastra tips

Vastu Shastra tips for home you are currently living in:

1) Painting the good luck

Colours have the power to inspire our behaviour, it creates illusions and set an appropriate atmosphere for the house. Vastu colours for homes have been used by older generations to create attractive homes which lead to prosperity. Thus, it is better to choose colours wisely for your home.


Blue is an excellent colour for meditation rooms and bedrooms.


This colour symbolizes hope. It is known to be the best colour for study rooms.


Yellow colour signifies patience and wisdom. It is an auspicious colour for ’Pooja’ rooms.


Orange symbolizes spirituality and power. Subtle and light shades of orange colour are one of the best Vastu colours for a house


Red signifies bravery and power. This colour should not be used in bedrooms.


Purple colour resolves trust issues as it gives you more positivity to trust people easily. You can use lighter shades of purple colour for a soothing environment.


Pink is a colour of purity and happiness and is perfectly suitable for the master bedroom


White is a very graceful colour and it’s advisable to always have white ceilings.


Black is known to be a negative colour and symbolizes negativity. Avoid the use of black colour in you home.

Vastu shastra tips

2) Welcome home prosperity

Wealth and prosperity come with a beautiful entrance of the home. North or East is known to be the best direction for the entrance door according to Vastu Shastra tips. Keep the entrance of your house well arranged, lit and bright. The door at the entrance should be made of solid wood. And never keep shoe-storage at the entrance as it blocks positive energy from entering the home. Also, do put a nameplate at the entrance.

Vastu shastra tips

3) The serene wall of wealth

If there is a wall right in front of the entrance, don’t leave it plain. As, an empty wall represents loneliness, sadness and negativity. Show some creativity and decorate the entrance wall. You can also hang a picture of the God or some lights with some statues or vase.

Vastu shastra tips

4) Bedroom full of happiness

Good health comes only when you take good sleep. When your bedroom is arranged as per Vastu Shastra tips. Make sure your bedroom is lit with natural light and the fresh air flow comes into your room directly and for that keep the windows of your room open for some time every day. Keep the colours of your room subtle and soothing for a peaceful mind. Also, don’t place the bed in the corner.

Vastu shastra tips

5) Peaceful coexistence

Vastu Shastra is adjusting and balancing the positive or negative energies of the nature to bring prosperity and peace to your home and in your life as well. And the kitchen is the cleanest and most important place of a home, it needs to be properly balanced because the two opposite force of nature that is, fire and water, exist here. Thus, the placement of the sink and stove should be in a way that they don’t collide with each other. Make sure you place them as far as possible. And don’t place them on the same line.

A few things you should know about Vastu Shastra if you live in a rental house. (Vastu Shastra Tips for home)

  • In a rented house Vastu only works only for the space that is occupied by the tenant.
  • The direction of the house is the direction you should be facing while coming out.
  • The main entrance direction should be north-east, followed by east, north, north-west and west.
  • One must avoid homes with south facing entries.
  • The best place to set up the kitchen is north-west or south-east.
  • The south-west direction is the best for the master bedroom
  • North-east is not good for kitchen and toilets.
  • The shape of the house should be square or rectangular
  • Make sure the balcony is not in the south-west direction.
  • Avoid staircase in the northeast direction

Vastu tips for health and wealth

Vastu plays a major role and can affect your health and wealth. It can make you healthy wealthy or it can bring a great downfall. Thus, if you want to maintain your health, here have a look at Vastu tips for health and wealth.

1) If sun rays come inside your bedroom wall, then you should not place your bed under the beam. As these rays are bad for health.

2) A painting depicting water should be placed in the North or East direction. These objects attract success and wealth.

3) Toilets and bathrooms are major places that we should consider to construct them or maintain them according to Vastu. Thus, the seat of the toilet should face the North-South direction.

4) The almirahs and beds in the house should be set close to the South-West wall and should be kept at a little distance from the North-East wall.

5) The dining room should have a big mirror on the north-east wall, as it attracts wealth and prosperity.

6) Keep the centre of home a spacious area for the free flow of energies. It is important as it brings positivity and good health.

Vastu shastra tips

Vastu Tips For Master Bedroom

A Master Bedroom reflects the personality of the owner and it is very important to arrange the master bedroom properly, as you spend most of your personal time there. Thus, the surrounding of the bedroom shows an impact on owner’s personality. So, here we will be telling you a few vastu tips for the master bedroom.

1) a Master Bedroom should be in the south-west corner of the home, as this direction denotes the Earth element and signifies stability and immobility.

2) Place the bed in south-west position, it will increase the productivity, focus and working spirit

The south-west corner of the bedroom is the best position to place the bed. This will increase the mental as well as physical productivity of the person and also increase the working spirit.

3) The door opening of the master bedroom should be in the north-east direction of the room. Also, the door should open inside; it brings positive vibes to the room.

4) The sleeping position of the owner should be like:

Head of the person must be in the south direction of the bedroom. As it makes the owner get connected with the magnetic force of the Earth. And the magnetic force leads to stabilization of haemoglobin level of blood.

5) Bathrooms and toilets must be specifically located in the west or north direction of the room.

Vastu shastra tips

So, these were some Vastu Shastra tips to keep in Mind before Buying or renting a Home.

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