Shop cum Offices, or SCOs, are plots that are zoned and designed for the specific purpose of
developing commercial property. Typically, SCOs have retail shops, Banks and ATMs on the ground
floors and office spaces, boutique hotels, Clinics, Fashion Studios, Salons &  Spa, Gaming
Parlours, Beauty Stores, Food Outlets, Cafeterias and Restaurants etc. on the upper floors. A
standard SCO is expected to have Ground + 4 floors planning, preferably with a basement as well.
Usually, the size of an SCO plot will vary between 540 sq ft to 1125 sq ft.


They are expected to be landscaped and architecturally planned in a way that provides exceptional
benefits in a threefold manner. Firstly, benefits for landowners are in terms of Returns of Investment through basement and terrace rights while the builders ensure security and low maintenance.

Secondly, benefits flow for the clients of the landowners who lease the property and use the
eventually constructed premises and landscaping to set-up shops. SCOs are best suited for retail
shops, bakeries, restaurants, salons, spas, dentists, CA offices and the like. Thirdly, benefits emerge
for the residents of typically nearby townships bringing them closer to business and in turn
becoming valuable customers themselves.

SCOs have emerged as a unique investment opportunity for diversification of real estate portfolios
and its popularity has increased post the pandemic. They provide a good mixture of retail formats
and other commercial centers, which means an owner of this type of commercial property does not have to depend on retail store leases alone. They now have the option to combine it with a fine
dining outlet or gym. The wide latitude of commercial activities that an SCO offers today is its major
attraction for real estate investors. SCOs are considered safe for investment and the diversification.
of commercial activity options further assures investors of higher returns on investment. Usually,
potential investors are offered a range of options of plots within an SCO zone.

Project Information to Expect

SCOs are an asset class that are heavily dependent on location and the amenities of the project.
Factors like Circle Rates, connectivity, offered amenities, zoning of surrounding areas, and proximity
to major business hubs plays a crucial role.
Gurugram in this respect is currently very lucrative. Massive highway projects like the Dwarka
Expressway are the major selling point because of the easy connectivity it provides. Currently under
construction, this expressway is a 29km project, split over about 19 km in Gurugram and 10 km in
Delhi, covering the stretch from Mahipalpur in Delhi to Kherki Daula Toll Plaza in Gurugram. Other
highways to look out for include NH-8, Sohna Road, Golf Extension Road and proximity to Hero
Honda Chowk. Additionally, information is critical on the upcoming metro rail project phases by the
DMRC, which is set to improve the reach of metro connections both within Gurugram and between
Delhi and Gurugram. Having information about the nearest proposed metro station can make a huge difference to the pricing and the escalation of value of that property in the future.
Another advantage of investing SCO plots is that the built-up space is an additional added value to
land ownership. This means that if one invests in an SCO plot at the earliest, they are in a better
position to earn profits from multi-level commercial space that eventually comes out once the

construction is complete. In other words, you buy one plot, but can lease out to multiple retail
outlets depending on the location of your plot and the approved construction plans. From the
viewpoint of timing of investment, if one invests in an SCO plot while the general area is developing
as opposed to later or after construction of floors, one is in a position of supplying much needed
commercial space at a time when marketplaces are saturated.
For an investor looking to buy an SCO plot, having a proper idea of the surrounding area of the SCOs
must be a vital consideration in determining investment. Also referred to as the “catchment area”, it
must be densely populated with residential townships, corporate offices, IT hubs, schools, hospitals
etc. This puts your invested property bang in the middle of an organized scheme wherein there are
thousands of families within walking distance, in need of amenities like gyms, supermarkets, dentists
and bakeries, favoring shops and offices that are closest to them.


Most Lucrative Choice
SCOs are a safe and high return investment when a good consolidation of location, connectivity and potential footfall is available.
Emerging Sectors in Gurugram like Sector 37C which has an SCO complex of Imperia Shopping
Central (ISC37) spread over 2.8 acres is making its mark in this category of asset class. With just 2.5
km away from the Dwarka Expressway and 3 kms from Hero Honda Chowk, this site is just 5 minutes away from the nearest proposed metro station and is easily accessible from Golf Course Extension Road. It is squarely located in a high density population area with already delivered mega townships nearby, has over 20 schools and 8 universities in the neighborhood and has 5 world class hospitals.
in the vicinity. It has 1000 apartments bang opposite the project which gives the investor access to a heavy flow of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs). Businesses like boutique hotels, jewelers, couture clothing brands, beauty retailers, organic food outlets, CA offices, Dentists, etc are put in touch with customers with high expenditure capabilities. With offices of 1800 MNCs close by, the opportunity to give maximum choice and range to clients is phenomenal.

Investing in an SCO plot like Imperia Shopping Central (ISC37) is low maintenance, with adequate
power backup in common areas, 24×7 security and spacious car parking. With 36 limited edition SCO
plots, this project comes with luxury landscaping with outdoor sit-outs, flexible sizes of shop
modules and trendy architecture to suit a wide variety of commercial activities and attract top
quality income group footfalls, out of which 10,000 families live within a 2km radius alone.

SCO plots are attractive investment opportunities and must be optimally timed. Investing in
emerging commercial areas is the safest bet right now.

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