A commercial building is a type of building which is being used for the commercial purposes and commercial use. The commercial building can be of various types such as Warehouses, Shopping Malls, and Office Buildings etc. In other words or technical words, Commercial buildings can be defined as that it has more than half of its floor space used for commercial activities. And here, in this article, we will be mentioning different types of commercial buildings.

Types of Commercial Buildings

The term commercial buildings stand for the Buildings or Land which are being used to generate or create some Profits. Commercial Buildings Include Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Retail or Restaurant Building, Multifamily, and Miscellaneous Buildings thus they are divided into 6 main parts let us discuss the same.

Office Buildings

This is a type of Commercial Property which includes single –Tenant. Small Profession or startup Buildings. These Buildings are constructed keeping in mind the number of Employees. They are not that much bigger in scale as compared to Warehouses another Industrial Structures.


The most common and deciding factor for these Industrial properties is clear height. It is the Height of the property from the bottom of the interior of the building, to the top of the building. This clear height defines what type of industrial building is it. For Smaller industrial properties it can range from 14 ft to 16 ft and on the other hand for the large industrial property, it can range about 40 feet or more than it. This falls under the large industrial Property. These buildings are heavily customized such that for the work and by keeping in mind about a large number of employees that works there.


Single Tenant retail Buildings, Highway Sites restaurants, It may also include Small Neighborhood Shopping Malls too. These buildings can be Multi-Tenant or Single-Use, Stand Alone Buildings. One can open up one’s own restaurant and it will be termed as Single Tenant Commercial Building and on the other hand, if it is taken by a group of people it will be termed as Multi-Tenant Commercial Building


This Category of Commercial Property may include the Accommodations or the food or meal and other such services which are being provided to the tourists or the travellers. These types of commercial buildings provide them with the accommodation or the other services which are needed for the tourists or the traveller. These Hotels may be a single tenant or they can be a part of a big hotel chain thus it can be multi-tenant too.


This Category of Commercial Buildings includes undeveloped, raw, rural land marked for the future planning or for the future development. One can invest­ their money into these type of Commercial Land to get profit on the investment, plus some general benefits.

So, these were a few types of buildings into which commercial property is being defined or being categorized. There are various types of commercial buildings available in Noida in Delhi NCR. And here we will mention different types of commercial buildings available in Noida.

Imperia H2O Home To Office

It is one of the Commercial Project of the Imperia Structures. It is situated over 80937 sq. mt. Imperia H2O is a type of office accommodation that is designed to meet the most elevated norms of luxury and convenience, Imperia H2O integrates High Technology work into their structures as well as the also created a world-class Resident for the Residential Purpose. The development of Imperia H2O stands out in its league as it is the first office complex to cater to the needs and expectations of any kind of business.

types of commercial buildings

Amenities at H2O Home to Office

-> They Have 70% open green Space

-> It is a LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environment Design)Certified Building

-> Imperia H2O has MLCP (Multi Level Car Parking), a G+15 structure which will provide parking space for 900 cars.->The security system Over Here is 3 TIER

-> Multi-Cuisine restaurant

-> Abundant water supply

-> High-Speed Elevators for each tower of the Building

-> Complete Power Backup for the Building

-> Large Reception Area

-> Large Conference Rooms

-> ATM + Banks space

-> 24 x 7 Coffee Shops and Food Court

-> 24 x 7 Maintenance Support

Cyber Business Center

Part of Imperia H2O,  It is an office accommodation which includes fourteen floors and is a premium office centre. It is spread over 2.5 lac sq. ft. (232260 sq.mtr.), with the desired facilities for this fast-paced world. Cyber Business Center also provides fully furnished commercial spaces that are specially designed to meet the plug-n-play requirements of growing firms.

types of commercial buildings

Amenities at Cyber Business Center

-> Integrated Green Building

->They have built Large and efficient open spaces for social interaction

-> They have provided Cyber Business Center Advanced communication and safety systems

->High-speed elevators are also there

->Plug & play technology support is also one o the Amenities

->Meeting Rooms and Conference Halls are properly designed

-> Cafes & Bistros

->Unparalleled Facility Management Services

->Banks and ATM Services within the Center

->24×7 Available Maintenance Staff


This property of Imperia Structure is India’s first one-stop wedding and shopping mall. It is being constructed by Imperia Structure in a unique Way in order to fulfil all the needs of the clients. The first floor offers an unending lane and shops of choices. This 100,000 sq. ft. modern type wedding mall may include all the big named as well as the hot shots brands.

It is a dream place for wedding shopping that offers a variety of brands at one single place. It includes many features, such as glass elevators, A1 security, escalators, traffic-free walking room, interactive shop facades and parking lots. The ground floor showcases high-value items for bride & groom attire, jewellery shops and bridal make-up products and salons, while services like wedding planners, travel agency and astrology are available on the first floor. You also get to experience the tasting of the food catered in specially designed restaurants or see the floral display at the florist arcades on the top floor.

types of commercial buildings

Amenities at Bandhan

  • Multi-cuisine Restaurant and Food Court are there In the mall Itself
  • Wide Pedestrian Walkways have been built
  • ATM Facility With In The building
  • Kid’s Play Area have also being kept in mind
  • 6 meter wide roads for zero clutter traffic
  • Decorative And Interactive Fountains
  • Amphitheatre for any vents
  • Reflection Pool
  • Logoon Court is also constructed within The mall
  • Lotus Court
  • Palm Avenue
  • On-ground and basement parking is available
  • 100% Power back-up for Lighting and AC

So, these were the various types of commercial Buildings that are being created by the Imperia Structures in the Noida and Greater Noida Area of Delhi NCR. Which includes all the Residential, Official, Industrial types of Commercial Property.

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