It is true that there must be an innovation in whatever you are up to. The innovation in the real estate sector has been done in the form of Studio apartments. Most of the builders in the real estate market have come to the idea of building the studio apartments that have proved wonders in their business and has changed the vision of an investor with the prominent investments in the particular segment. There has been a major role of location in which the apartment is situated but before going through the various advantages of investing in Studio Apartments, let us come to know what actually a Studio apartment mean and how is it differ from the normal flat.

STUDIO APARTMENTS:A studio apartment is the ready to move-in apartment laded with all the commodities and amenities essential for the one to live in. An office going individual find it easy to get themself a home in the studio apartment as most of them are located in the city suburb with educational and corporate hubs. The area of the studio apartment varies from builder to builder and there is always an advantage of getting an assured rental returns from the studio apartments just because of the location that most of them are situated in. Now, what are the advantages of investing in studio apartments and how location plays an important role?


PRICE APPRECIATION: The Yamuna expressway, one of the dream projects in the Indian infrastructure has been planned to be one of the smart city in the Northern India with atypical growth in both the residential and commercial sectors. Providing innumerable hectares of land under the YEIDA scheme for the residential projects has given boost to the builders to come up with the projects of studio apartments in a particular location. The project like Prideville, by Imperia Structures Ltd, is coming up with the 1-2 BHK studio apartments at this particular location. The increasing competition often leads to the increase in the price of a property, thus it would be beneficial for an investor to be the early bird in investing and cherish the decision of their investment in the studio apartment as they are going to be appreciated at the much faster rate in coming years.

ASSURED RENTAL RETURNS: The studio apartments most commonly remain the center of attraction for the clients who are willing to relocate to the new city. The globalization is resulting in an increase in number of officials coming for the work. Thus, the studio apartments remain their main focus of hiring and living. It has been estimated that Greater Noida, another Delhi suburb has the assured rental returns of over 14% per annum at the marginal investment of 10 lakhs.

READY TO MOVE-IN: If you are willing to invest in the studio apartments than you are free from the stress of shifting as the studio apartments are equipped with the essential amenities required in the day to day life of an individual. The modular kitchens, modern washrooms, bedrooms with wardrobes won’t let you ever have a doubt on your decision of investing in studio apartments.

With all the advantages listed above, it is important that the main constraint which must not be neglected before investing in the studio apartments is the “LOCATION” at which it is situated.


It was earlier believed that the studio apartments are confined only to the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. But an unorthodox infrastructural growth in the Noida city of Delhi/NCR and the plan of making the Yamuna expressway a hub for both commercial and residential properties have attracted a lot of investors to invest in the projects taking place at Yamuna expressway. Under the residential scheme by YEIDA for the development all across the Yamuna expressway has led a revolution in the real estate market. Many of the real estate projects have been started thus increasing the completion level within the definite area of development. The various location advantages are as follows:

  • Higher rental income with corporate hubs in the vicinity.
  • High rate of appreciation with the increase in development.
  • Thinking of entertainment and education is no more a topic of concern.
  • Accessible to the different state highways and expressways.
  • The lucrative mode of transportation helps in the easy commutation to work place.




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