Foreclosure means when a person has given money to a person so that he can purchase that property takes possession of that property because that money has not been paid. Buying a foreclosure is often selling as a way for both the one who is tenant and investors to get a great deal on the property. However, it is being well said that financial rewards do not get without hard work. There are some problems these properties commonly possess and difficulties you may see while purchasing them.

What are the problems which are been mostly seen while purchasing a foreclosed house?

The most important thing is that before entering the foreclosure market is that the properties are were given up by the proprietor who could not be able to make debt payment anymore. Most cases the houses are very poorly maintained after all if the owner is not able to make payments then he or she is likely to be falling behind on making regular payments. Also, some people are forced to buy the foreclosed houses. This often involves removing appliances and fixtures and sometimes even outright smashing.

After the householder leaves foreclosure to sit to get neglected then when it is often inviting criminal activity. Despite many potential problems foreclosures can be a big deal. If someone is willing to fix a problem then most of the people will not deal with it, one can buy a home at a significant discount. However, you may see additional issues when it comes to purchasing the property it gets in the move in condition.

Issues with Lenders

Buying a home from the landowner has its own problem as a result of the increased level of the authority and the limited clearness should be there those who buy foreclosures.


A Lender will not give you money for a home they will consider you that this appraises below the purchase price. If you are an investor and paying cash, then there will be no problem.

Time Delay with the owner Bank

It is being well said that bank should want to unload REOs (Real estate owners) as quickly as much possible but in reality, the bank sometimes drags their feet in considering offers and throughout the escrow process.

No Seller Disclosures

Since no one has lived in his or her own house from the bank so he is likely not to have knowledge about the problem of the existing property. Thus, you must uncover everything yourself. So, you can do it during the home inspection or through your experience or by asking the neighbours.


Foreclosures can be a great deal they are attractive for shareholders looking to real properties or can use them as the apartment. Since investors make all-cash offers fewer one. Their offer would be more attractive to the bank than those who are owner occupants.

Tips for Buying Foreclosed homes

Foreclosed properties are considered as nonperforming assets hence banks who own these properties are actively marketing them in the best way they can. One of the days they do so is to sell at discounted offers to potential homebuyers and investors, this is the actual reason as to why foreclosed properties are being sold at an actual market price. Maybe foreclosed properties may not be on most Filipino homebuyer’s purchase plans. But it can be because of that they feel that they are taking advantage of other misfortunes, to Filipino hesitate to buy foreclosed homes.

But nowadays many Filipino homebuyers are now seeing foreclosed properties in a different way. Not there are people who are seeing for foreclosure properties as an affordable means to become a homeowner. But many investors are making money out of buying foreclosed properties by turning them into saleable items.

A person who is trying to opt for foreclosed properties has its good sides too. Although when foreclosed homes are sold at a lower price it seems to be attractive. Not all foreclosed properties are good deals.

There are some steps which must keep in mind while buying the foreclosed homes.

Know Where to Look

To find foreclosed properties go to banks, lending institutions, SPAV companies, and Government financial institutions like the Social Security System, Home Mutual fund, National Housing Authority. Moreover, the banks and financial institutions also keep an eye on brokers and brokerages that help them to market and sell the foreclosed assets. By checking out their website a one can find the best property deals.

Get your Financing Ready

As with many competitions among buyers will give you more chances of getting the foreclosed property as you want. When you are more qualified for housing loan by banks you will be more attracted towards sellers. This can tell that how much creditworthy you have and the actual buyer who has a house loan approved and that can be used anytime.

Work with a Bank or Accredited Broker

Foreclosed properties are sold at “as-is”, “where-is” basis, so as buyer due persistence work is utmost important. But it is mostly easier to say rather than doing it, especially when there are some documents which are lined up for inspections there is no need to mentioned documents, but titles are to be verified. However, working with a bank or Accredited broker reduces the risk of property.

Attend Property Auctions

Property auctions are mostly organized by bank owners or real estate brokers are the best way to discover foreclosed homes rather than going to property websites is of no use. Attending auctions also let you have a face to face to discuss your purchase, seek their advice.

Have some cash to spare

You have a good chance while acquiring the property and you must keep your eyes on and you must be ready to make an attractive offer and deal with payment term.

Inspect the Property

Foreclosures are mostly sold at the “as-is” or “where-is” so do not hesitate while inspection. These properties are previously owned by someone so do not expect that property would be on the tip to top shape. Though most of the offers during auctions may require minor repairs.  Seasonal real estate workers or flippers are recommended to investing in a foreclosed property that can be fixed for 30 days or maybe less. By this way, they can sell, or move into the property in a short time.

Carefully consider your location

Location largely affects your profitable of your location. If the property is in the high growth area or area which is developing into one, chances are good that its value will appreciate. The foreclosures close to transport infrastructures, such as airways, MRT and LRT lines, airports and new townships. If you are buying from any of these locations check if there are any infrastructure project currently in works.

Deliberate on your offer

Make sure you will not pay more than you should. Find out the market value of the similar properties in the surrounding of the house you are searching for. If someone is planning to sell or lease his property as soon as you have purchased it and check how quickly the homes are being sold. You might do it with a faster seller as it will let you avoid expenses maintenance and service tax.

Know Your Fees and Taxes

Other than part payment or down payment, the property selling price there are also fees and taxes to be paid. For example, Buyers must be taking care of his registration fees, transfer tax, documentary stamp tax. Buying foreclosed properties consist of a good deal and lots of efforts, patience and lot of creative work. But then again so do by the purchase of any real estate foreclosed or not. However acquiring the best property needs a lot of hard work, creative, motivation etc.

Find a real estate agent must be having knowledge about the complexities of the foreclosure market. Whenever you are looking for a bank property, you seek the guidance of the professional person who has knowledge about selling these type of properties in the local market.

Always remember, real estate agents are not lawyers. Foreclosure laws and regulation are tricky and they may vary from state to state. Don’t ever depend on a real estate agent for legal advice. Consult with the local real estate who knows about this purchasing work. Know the neighbours where you want to buy.

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