Home is a place where you spend most of your comfortable time. Whether sleeping, chilling or inviting relatives. Home is the place that needs to be decorated properly that creates the aura of happiness and joy. And nowadays many people follow the trends followed by celebs or just the decoration ideas that are in trend.  And do know these trends you don’t need to be an expert or search the markets, as here in this article, we will be telling you 10 most trending home decoration ideas that you can rule in 2018. So, here have a look at the article!

List of some home decoration ideas that are in trend nowadays

  • Marble it to rule itdecoration ideas

Using marble is one of the most trending decoration ideas to go for. It is a very elegant and classic stone. Marbles are not just meant for countertops, nowadays, marbles are also used in furniture, table tops and decorative shelves. Using marble bring a very luxe and layered look to any décor item. If you want to make your home look elegant and stylish at the same time, go for white marble.

  • Woven Texturesdecoration ideas

Woven textures look best if you are planning to give your home of a section of your home a vintage look. A basket with a woven texture of a wall decorative paintings with a woven texture frame gives you those vintage feels. Fill your home or a particular section with the same texture because the more texture you have in that space, the more you feel like living there. This theme is currently in trend and is one of the best decoration ideas you should try for your home.

You can also DIY some hand-woven texture products. DIYing such products are more personalized, makes you feel more connected to home and are pocket-friendly at the same time.

  • Lavender colourdecoration ideas

After, millennial pink and all the pastel colours, Lavender and lilac colour has taken its place on the top level. Lavender is a colour that is ruling 2018 in every possible way. From clothes to accessories and from designing to room wall colour, lavender is everywhere. This is a colour that gives a very soothing effect and creates an aura of relaxation and love.

You can paint your living room walls with lavender colour and impress your guest with the newest trendy colour of 2018.

  • Tone on tonedecoration ideas

Tone on tone is also a trending decoration ideas nowadays. Tone on tone is basically a trend of using different shades of the same colour. You can layer your home with different shades of the same colour. Because when you use the same colour in a room it feels more interesting. For example, you can use purple colour to paint your walls and use lavender coloured curtains to layer it up.

  • Olive Green colourdecoration ideas

Olive and chartreuse green is going to be back in trend in the mid of 2018. The shades of Olive green are softer, soothing and complements people’s desires for cosy homes. This colour will be in the ruling race with lavender colour. Also, you can use the combination of Lavender and olive green that can actually look pretty in the living room. You can paint your room with olive green colour or you can even add lavender flowers to get the perfect look.

Green is also the colour suggested by Vastu Shastra experts to paint your room walls will, especially kids room. If your kid finds it difficult to concentrate on studies, then certainly if you need to change their surroundings to increase their concentration power.  And as per Vastu Shastra, the proven best colour to increase concentration power is green. Green is a subtle and naturally soothing colour as nature is also green. This colour is believed to enhance the overall mental conditioning and concentration power.

  • Velvet furnishings

Last year, velvet was totally out of trend, but this year velvet has taken place of all other ruling fabrics. Giving a furnished look of velvet on sofas, furniture or even the frames will make your look stylish and royal. Well, there is no proof that velvet will stay in trend for a long time, but currently, it is a real big trendy idea to go for.

Two of the best colour choice for velvet is deep blue and soft grey. If you want to keep it stylish and over the top, then you can go for deep blue, but if you want to play safer, then soft grey velvet is all you need.

  • Circle patternsdecoration ideas

Geometric patterns never go out of trend. Whether it is triangles or rectangles. But in the year 2018, circle pattern is creating a buzz and now circles are the new triangles in the geometric design. You can go for graphics wallpaper with circular patterns. Also, you can use this circular pattern in small things like a vase or pillow covers.

  • Brass accentsdecoration ideas

2018 is the right time to get away with a silver hue. Switching to brass accent is the new trend nowadays. Brass is the perfect substitute for stainless steel and gives a royal touch to the overall look of your house and makes it look elegant.

  • Bold patterns

Bold patterns like florals and geometric give the perfect boho look to your home. It shows free thoughts, an open mind and a creative side. These patterns can be used as a wallpaper on the wall or carpets or curtains.

  • Word Artdecoration ideas

Words are a way to express what you feel and how you think. Never have anyone thought that using word art in home decoration can be a big trend. But yes, this has actually turned into a trend. You do not need to go over the top with word art if you don’t like it, you can just simply use single words to express like family, love, friendship etc. But if you are excited enough to try it in particular, then you can go for quotes or anything that your heart says.

  • Decorative fringe

Decorative fringe gives a jolly feel to the house. Doing fringes to blankets, pillows, rugs or curtains looks trendy. This is one the most unique trend that 2018 has come up with.

Master Bedroom Ideas

  • Bold patterns

Using bold patterned wallpaper on a single main wall of your master bedroom looks beautiful. Make sure not to add wallpaper to all the walls as it makes you feel claustrophobic. These bold patterns include florals, geometric art, mainly circles that are in trend nowadays and it can make you feel fresh and fun.

  • Jewel-Toned Detailsdecoration ideas

Adding popping colours like purple, deep blue or dark shade of green in a white stark room. But now you can also use the brass accent products like drawer pullers, chandelier or laps made up of brass material. It adds a royal look to the master bedroom and looks completely stylish.

  • Lavender all around

As we have mentioned above, Lavender is a colour that is in trend nowadays and looks very beautiful. You can paint your living room walls with lavender colour and impress your guest with the newest trendy colour. Lavender colour gives a very soothing effect and creates an aura of relaxation and love.

  • Light & Airy

Go neutral with your master bedroom. Use whites, beige and cream colour, also do not go over the top with decoration ideas, keep it minimal and classy. And to add the wow factor to your bedroom you can go for billowing drapes as well, these flowing drapes show the air flow In the bedroom and let fresh air comes in.

  • Wood-Paneleddecoration ideas

Instead of using a headboard, go for a wood panel at the back of your bed. It looks cool and adds a vintage look to the bedroom and look stylish at the same time.

Kitchen Furniture Design

  • Acrylic modern kitchen furniture design

Acrylic kitchen furniture design looks very classy and modern. In this design, utensils are covered in the cupboards. The colour used in this design are generally very opposing like red, orange or maroon. It gives a complete toy house kind of look and is very glossy. The only con is to maintain the glossiness of the design.

  • Stainless steel kitchen furniture design

Constructing your kitchen with stainless steel material looks good and gives a neat look. Using stainless steel material in kitchen furniture have many plus points like stainless steel is a hard material and will last longer.

  • Wooden kitchen furniture designdecoration ideas

Using the wooden material in kitchen furniture design gives a vintage look, which is very good to be used in the kitchen. It gives the aura of nature and wooden and you can even add green colour to the vacant areas.

So, these were the 10 most trending home decoration ideas for 2018 and some master bedroom ideas and kitchen furniture design.

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